Delaware Incorporation

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Delaware is home to more than half of all the United States’ publicly traded companies and approximately sixty percent of all the Fortune 500 companies. It is,Guest Posting therefore, not an exaggeration that Delaware seems to be the home to business. Though each company chooses a Delaware incorporation for different reasons, the state prides itself on its “complete package of incorporation services.”

If you choose Delaware incorporation you will be subject to law that is advanced and flexible enough to increase your chances to build a successful business. One unique aspect to Delaware incorporation is that you have access to the 210 year old Delaware Court of Chancery, which is the entity that wrote a significant portion of the U.S. Corporation case law. Plus, you do not have to live in Delaware in order to complete a Delaware incorporation. As long as you have a registered agent in Delaware, you can complete at Delaware incorporation.

One of the first things you need to in your Delaware incorporation process is to reserve an entity name. The state of Delaware makes the Delaware incorporation process easy by allowing you to complete portions of it online, like making name reservations. To reserve a corporate name, you will need to pay $10 per name. However, if you are to purchase a Limited Liability Company, Limited Partnership, Statutory Trust, General Partnership, or Limited Liability Partnership for $75 each.

The next step you will need to take in the Delaware incorporation process is to determine what type of business you will be running. If you will be completing a Delaware incorporation for a general partnership corporation, limited partnership, or limited liability corporation, you will then need to fill out the appropriate forms with the Delaware Secretary of State for Delaware incorporation. Again, Delaware seems to understand the need of business owners that items be convenient and easy to understand, so finding the forms for your Delaware incorporation is made easy through the internet. All the forms you need for Delaware incorporation are on the Secretary of State website.


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